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By Sayed Ally -
The consumerís mindset has changed over the past few years with many consumers demanding more from the companies they deal with. Thatís where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software.

This powerful customer relationship management software is designed to fit into your existing business without the disruptions and frustration previous software programs had.

But wait Microsoft goes one further by designing a piece of software thatís actually going to get used. How many times have you seen a corporate decision made to buy a piece of software that by the time it makes it to the end user no one wants any part of it because it makes the task at hand harder rather than easier.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software was designed from start to finish with the end user in mind. No longer do we just add technology but instead we add solutions. Now thatís just smart business sense at all levels.

The latest 3.0 version of CRM understands just how you work and how you do business. And thatís why it will eliminate those moments of frustration. If you work in an office you know all about the disjointed effect that occurs. Everyone knows thereís a project that needs to be finished and everyone could do it so everyone assumes someone else will take the project on but because it isnít assigned to anybody the due date arrives and not a single person has even touched the project.

Yikes! Suddenly there are a lot of unhappy people. Well Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to make sure that doesnít happen in an office and that projects are assigned and tasks are seen through to completion. This is a package thatís designed with the perfect merging of technology and people.

CRM can meet your needs today but itís powerful enough to grow with you into the future. Itís extremely flexible, and it has transparent migration which is very helpful.

It has all the features needed for core CRM tasks such as marketing and creation on demand, customer service, and even mobile CRM. The interface is seamless into Microsoft Office programs which certainly has appeal. Now you can quickly assign tasks, follow the task from start to finish, adjust as needed, and the seamlessly pull the information into word, excel, or PowerPoint for a presentation.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM suddenly things become crystal clear. You get the tools to create a clear picture from the minute you meet the customer

right through to delivery and then for post sale care which can be just as important. Thereís no room for confusion. You have a seamless method of tracking your customer that will impress even the toughest customer.

This system can handle even the most complex sales processes. The beauty of this software is that it can handle the simplest sales and just as seamlessly the most complex tasks so you certainly donít have to worry about dropping the ball.

Microsoft CRM Software is so configurable that you can make it work the way you do, the way your business does, and the way the world does business. Itís easy to learn, and one of the fastest methods to keep things moving along.

Your customer is going to be impressed with your organizational skills and just how fast you can answer their question relating to their orders. In fact you can directly provide that information through Office Outlook. From an employers point of view thatís sure cuts down the work. That quick and easy importation of data is a real time saver.

You can even create profiles for each of your customers. In fact you can create more than one profile for each and then you can reuse those profiles again a very time saving feature

You can also customize your workspace and save it. Donít forget to utilize the service calendar which will stay on top of who you need to call when. Itís a real time saving tool.

And if that isnít enough youíve got the powerful reporting capabilities and analytical tools. Youíve certainly got the power with everything just a click away. Work just got easier!
Sayed Ally, is the lead CRM Analyst. His company provides, Microsoft CRM 3.0. Sayed can be reached at Tel : (905) 815- 1995 ext 22, email:


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