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Presentation Of The Joomla! Content Management System
By Christophe
What is a Web Content Management System ?

A content management system (CMS) is a software system designed for organizing and easing creation and management of documents and other content. By content, we mean any type of digital information : text, images, graphics, audio, video files, archives etc. Specifically, a web content management system like Joomla! aims to facilitate the tasks required to publish web content on web sites, in a collaborative manner.

What can I do with Joomla! ?

Joomla! is a free open source content management system licensed under the GNU/GPL license which can be used to easily manage every aspect of a website, from adding content or graphics, to updating a product catalogue or managing important data. Joomla!, which means "all together" in Swahili, is a powerful, flexible, customisable, powerful and relatively easy to use Web Content Management System. To create and run a website site using Joomla!, all you need is a web hosting account with PHP and MySql support. Joomla!s use and scope is very large, from the creation and management of personal homepages or small businesses to complex enterprise-level websites or applications. It allows numerous themes and extensions (most of them will have to be installed and activated afer the main installation though). The template system is one of the easiest to learn in the Content Management System family. It offers two types of administration - a front-end for registered users, author and publisher and a back-end for the Manager, Administrator

and Super Administrator groups.

A Brief History of Joomla!

Joomla! arrived in 2005 as a branch of another well-known CMS, Mambo after an epic controversy between the Mambo's development team at that time and the Miro Corporation, which also develops its own commercial version, accused of betraying open-source and community values by granting most of the project's control and future to Miro Corporation via the recently launched Mambo's Foundation. As there were also several issues with Mambo's name and copyright, all of this finally led the core team to resign from the Mambo project in August 2005, regrouped under the name of "Open Source Matters" in order to develop the project independently. The two code bases were almost identical at this stage but the latest version, Joomla! 1.5, has now been completely rewritten from scratch. Joomla! now powers millions of websites world-wide and its community is very active. Both Joomla! and Mambo have won numerous prizes and awards in the last three years and now live two separate lives.
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