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Why Do You Need A Content Management System ( Cms )?
By s v/d logt
Do you have a website? How often are you updating it? If the answer to that question is "a long time ago" or something similar, you are bound to have an out of date website. Not only will customers notice this and leave your site quickly, your overall search engine rankings may also go down as Google and other search engines will spider your site less regularly and rank it lower.

What is the key to having an updated website?

Updating a website can be a lot of effort. You may have to contact your web designer, email the changes, potentially correct the changes and then pay for them! Or you may need to ask your in house web master. If it is difficult, expensive or time-consuming to update your website, you will not do it and your website will be less effective. So what are the factors to keep in mind when you are trying to find a content management solution?

* It needs to be easy

This is essential. If it's all too hard and complicated you will never do it. This means that you will need a solution that is very easy to learn and implement.

* It needs to be free of charge or low cost

If you have to pay every time you want to update your website or ask someone else you will think twice about doing it. You may catch yourself thinking: "Is this update really necessary?" Is it worth spending the money on this?". Only free updates will ensure that you will update the site whenever you feel a need or have some interesting information to share.

* It needs to look professional

The last thing you want to do is downgrade your professional website with your updates. It is important that the website keeps its professional look and feel even if you are updating it. Therefore the system needs to be of a certain quality with styles already applied so that all you need to do is type in the text and add images.

* It needs to be search engine friendly

This is a very important point as for many business as high search engine positions are critical to your business success. So you will need to make sure that the content management system you choose for your website is easy to optimise for search engines with unique page titles and description and keywords tags.

Your options


will need to get a website that is easy to update with the use of a content management system ( CMS ). Here are some of the possibilities:

The best option is to have an in built content management system. This lets you easily update your website within a browser so you can update your website at any time and at any place. You can have several user accounts so various people from your company can update certain parts of the website. The best content management systems also come with a blog. It is a good practice to put headlines or short summaries of your blog on the front page so that your homepage will be frequently updated. This lets Google and other search engines know that there is frequent updated content and that your site is current and active and therefore needs to rank higher in search engines. A CMS is usually the easiest the use of the options mentioned here. Make sure you use an SEO friendly CMS though.
Another option is to build your website around a blog application like Wordpress. Although Wordpress was initially created as blog software it is increasingly used as a CMS and can be very effective for business websites. Using Wordpress takes a little more training and can be slightly less flexible than a good in built CMS.
You can use software like Adobe Contribute to update a static site. Although relatively easy to use, it has a few disadvantages as it can be tricky to create and link to new pages. Another disadvantage is that you would not be able to edit your site on every computer.

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