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Web Designers For Interactive Multimedia Development
Simply having a website is not enough if you want to really make an impact in the highly competitive online world. There are many things that must be taken care of. Usability visibility and unique content are factors which can really help your case. But for really improved impact and interactivity you should incorporate multimedia elements in your site. Multimedia development in a web site means the integration of multiple forms of media such mean text for visit to graphics audio photo images animation full motion video data etc. with the web site. There are number of website design tools and technologies used by web designers for interactive multimedia development. But the most commonly used are Flash Shockwave Real Media and Java. With the help of these tools multimedia developer can create dynamic multimedia presentations for your web site. Lets explain these popular multimedia tools in details


Since its introduction in 1996 Flash is the most popular way for adding multimedia elements for adding interactivity to web pages. In fact a whole website can be created by using Flash. With Flash one can create animation and other interactive multimedia components in a web page.

Flash is also used for developing rich Internet applications. This widely used multimedia tool comes preinstalled on most browsers and thus there is no need to download it. The best part about Flash is that one can compress big animation files into extremely small files that help the site to get downloaded within seconds. Overall a website looks very impressive and outstanding with Flash.


This was the first multimedia website design program developed by Macromedia who later on developed Flash on the basis of this program. more visit toTo view the applications created by Shockwave in a web browser one need to get the Shockwave plugin installed.

Initially it was used by advertising agencies to create multimedia presentations and promotional CDs. However later on with

the acquisition of Macromedia Adobe slowly made some more changes to the program to make it adaptable for a more diverse user base. Even though Shockwave is an excellent tool it lacks in usability and capabilities as compared to that of Flash.


RealMedia a multimedia container format created by RealNetworks is typically used in conjunction with RealVideo and RealAudio. It is also used for streaming content over the Internet. It is this streaming technology that makes RealMedia superior to other similar products. With the help of streaming technology a file when selected will begin playing instantly before the full file has downloaded. RealMedia is a useful tool for showing video presentations and is often more effective as compared to Shockwave.


For viewing a multimedia development made in Java there is no need of any additional plugin as in the case of Flash or ShockWave. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems this full cross platform programming language is supported by most browsers. This means any multimedia development done in Java language can be viewed by anyone. One major drawback of Java is that it is slow to load.

Any company specializing in interactive multimedia development usually take help of any of these multimedia development tools for designing any appealing website.
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