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6 Factors That Make Companies Outsource Web Design & Development Work To India
By P.Mondal
If China is the manufacturing capital of the world, in the last few years India has emerged as the outsourcing capital of the world with a large number of companies from the US and Europe, including Fortune 500 companies outsourcing IT enabled services, web designing, web development work, web management work and other IT-related work to India. Let’s explore the reasons which make India a hot outsourcing destination. so far as the Web centric work is concerned.

1. Highly competitive market

The web designing and development industry in India has reached such maturity levels in the past few years that there is no dearth of companies based out of India providing high quality work at low costs. This has made the market very competitive with players constantly striving to adopt new technologies and deliver quality work in time.

All this competition and the resultant value addition works wonders for companies based in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada who are looking to outsource web design and development work to India.

2. Highly skilled manpower
Banking on a strong network of high quality technical education institutes, India today boasts of a massive pool of talented and skilled people specializing in high end web designing and development technologies. This enables Indian companies to deliver high quality web design and development services as per the requirements of the client companies at competitively low costs without compromising on the quality aspect.

3. Cost savings

Outsourcing web design and development work and letting the web development company handle the web site’s marketing, promotion and backend management frees the company of the need to hire and retain a large workforce. This saves the company the expenses of recruitment, trainings, salaries and other major human resource costs.

4. World-class technology

The web is growing rapidly, throwing into obscurity the technologies that were popular just a couple of years ago and adopting new technologies every day. For companies wanting to focus all their resources on the core business, keeping abreast of the new technological developments on the web may seem like an unnecessary expense.

On the other hand, specialist web

development companies are equipped with every new technical knowhow and spend considerable amounts of money, time and effort in training their personnel. Hence, clients get the best of both worlds – they get to focus on the core area, assured that their web operations are in safe and experienced hands, and of course, at much lower cost to the company.

5. Better output quality

Another benefit that a company gets by outsourcing web design and web development work to India is that the project gets a fresh analysis. It helps the company to get some fresh perspectives to their branding and positioning efforts, especially relevant if the company hopes to expand its operations or market in South Asia. New ideas are explored which ultimately give the project a new life.

Moreover, the outsourced web development work in India is handled on a client/service provider basis, which assures clients of high quality result.

6. Pay according to time spent

In case of outsourcing web design work to India, one of the payment models involved is making payments on the basis of time spent on the project. As billing rates are competitively lower and the costs of running day-to-day operations are not involved, it works out as a winning deal for the client company.

To reiterate, if your company wants to establish a strong presence in the highly competitive online platform, a smart move would be to outsource web design work to India based companies which can best fulfill your requirements.
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