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Joomla For Development Of Custom Website
By Anirban Bhattacharya
Among all open source Content Management Systems (CMS) available online, Joomla is one of the leading and powerful CMS used extensively around the world for award-winning web sites development. Joomla extends all typical advantages of an open source CMS, including extensibility and ease of use. Understandably, Joomla CMS has shaped a large number of world web sites and widely implemented for creating
Corporate web sites development
e-Commerce websites
Online magazines/ newspapers/ publication houses
Government websites
Non-profit organizations
Community websites
Small business websites
Personal websites and so on.

A popular choice for professional web development, Joomla composes a bundle of core features that make it different and special from the others. The design of Joomla is intrinsically search engine friendly.

The Banner Manager

A very effective tool to generate traffic, banners in Joomla represent volume of published and unpublished active banners, client details and categories to organize these banners into published or unpublished.

Contact Organization

The feature lets you organize your ‘contacts’ in terms of their details and organization of the details. Joomla allows you to edit the data in both arrangements custom to your business requirements and make it work your way.

News feeds

Popularly termed as RSS feed, News feeds in Joomla facilitate generation of significant web traffic and hence important for development of website from commercial point of view. Any web based development seeks to earn by means of online visibility and Joomla’s news feed feature allows linking to the recently published articles on a particular subject(s) and manage them efficiently and intuitively. If into web based development jobs yourself, Joomla allows you to efficiently take care of the interests of your clients hence and in turn take care of own commercial interests in more than one ways.


Sparing integration of a special web-based software solution during development of website for the job, Joomla’s search feature automatically keeps track of SEO-oriented information for you that helps ascertain the performance of the website on a consistent basis.
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