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Points To Consider When Selecting A Web Development Company.
By Anirban Bhattacharya
A good web development company will work with you in defining your organisation's requirements. That said, the better you can define your development and marketing goals (even at the most basic level) the better it generally is for both you and your potential web development company. Will your website convey only essential information on your company, like a brochure, or will it exist to promote your business as a whole products, services, brands etc.? Does your company require internet marketing such as Google Adwords, PPC or search engine optimisation? Is your website intended on enticing new accounts or promoting a closer relationship with existing clients? Do you need an intranet/extranet for partners or employees?

It is important to judge each company on its ability to be a long-term partner. Has the company been in business for several years, proving to be stable and profitable? Do they have a record of clients and projects that you can

confirm? Having an outsourced interactive agency as a partner has many benefits: expertise and experience in internet marketing/SEO, and the flexibility of resources at your fingertips (this still asoftware development and integration skills, pplies even if you have on-staff marketing resources).

After your organisation has reviewed all proposals, you should compare them with each other. How do they fare in terms of presentation? How do their processes appear in terms of project management? Do they present scalability and/or upgrade paths for your project that go beyond the needs of the immediate goals as outlined?
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