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How Open Source Cms Like Wordpress Score Over Custom Build Cms Systems
By Sean R. Bailey
It is quite possible that you may not really like the open source tools, and donít mind shedding even thousands on getting custom applications built for your company. However, the discussion boils down to the CMS, the Open source CMS scores over custom built CMS in plenty of ways.
First and the foremost advantage of these open source CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and the likes of them, includes the rebate in licensing fee.

Big organizations often overlook these options and waste thousands of dollars on implementing interfaces and custom CMS with basic functionalities like RSS feeds, photo uploading, and basic content management. However, they may simply opt for an open source CMS like Wordpress and save all the money easily. Moreover, the chances are high that the custom CMS may essentially work identical to something, which Wordpress offers free of cost.

On account of its impressive technical advantages, Wordpress happens to be one of the most popular open source CMS today.

Apart from being free-to-use, since Wordpress is open source, it is possible to look at the code behind each functionality and easily modify them to tune them as per your business requirements. After all, thereís no point in re-inventing the wheel, and creating new CMS just to achieve something similar to what already exists.
Another point to be noted here is that the usage of functionalities like adding pages in Wordpress doesnít require any technical know how, and even your data entry staff can easily do this job.

Whatís more, in case you try to make a CMS just for photo uploads, integrating it with other services like Twitter, facebook, Google Maps etc, you need to put in extra efforts, but Wordpress offers hundreds of ready-to-use plug-ins, in order to get the job done in a few minutes.

Above all, your customers/users/visitors will never come to know whether youíve spent thousands of dollars on a custom CMS, or made use of an open source platform like Wordpress.


a matter of fact, almost all common necessary CMS functionalities have been implemented on Wordpress; therefore chances are high that you may find everything that your business requires.

One can find all necessary documentation related to these open source CMS on their corresponding websites, so you can pick what you need, and pay a programmer just to fine-tune the existing system, which works out to be a lot more economic, in terms of money as well as time.

Using Wordpress one can upload photos, videos, other multi-media content and files, manage existing content, add new content, and even re-use the information of one the profiles (website) on the other ( ex. by exporting OPML files for links), and cut short the set-up time further, not to mention hundreds of additional plugins and widgets available too.

Today, everyone prefers open source tools, and thereís no harm in using open source CMS like Wordpress, especially when youíre getting everything you want, without even paying a penny. Most of the non-profitable organizations have adopted Wordpress, and now even the small-medium business owners are shifting towards it as well.

Even the biggest of businesses can be sustained by Wordpress, and itís all about smart thinking rather than being stubborn upon using custom CMS every single time.


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