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Custom Cms Development
By Editor22
Due to tremendous increase in storage of digital documents and for complex websites with huge data content, there has emerged Content Management System (CMS) for making sense and organising all data. Today there is need to manage content modification, updating, back-end data management and other assorted information like application-generated office documents, Web presentations, conversation threads and media files. Now many software companies are into Custom CMS Development to create sophisticated systems.

Custom CMS Development facilitates in authoring, as well as editing of template-driven web pages with no knowledge regarding its technology. Web-centric CMS systems are clear-cut having powerful WYSIWYG editors offering experience similar to using word processor. Some of these editors have AJAX integrated with CMS for utilising organisational tools and Web editing like in desktop applications. CMS Integration is also done with Microsoft Word and Excel for directly adding content to a Web page.

How CMS Development is done

For building high speed editions of CMS, initially developers look into site architecture. If application content must be displayed in “iframe” or some other container, it must be pre-processed like a page by decreasing its content size. Many scripting languages that are server side sustain required writes, as well as reads. After read has conveyed from server, page is written to HTML file and processing is safeguarded by server. Developers build web interface for pre-processed

page refreshment. This helps in identifying errors and rectifying problems.

CMS umbrella created by software companies include Digital Asset Management (DAM), Document Management (DMS), Web Content Management, Learning Content Management (LCM), Collaboration and various Versioning tools.

Advantages of Commercial Custom CMS Development

Such CMS systems offer facilities for release of scheduled content, replications, track & trace and audits. These companies enable management of Web assets through browsers including live editing done on currently viewing Web pages.

Developers do formalisation of content audits to have Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and similar such IT governances. They also design keeping in mind huge enterprise scalability. From the beginning itself, they deal with thousands of requests in a minute. Many of them also offer tracking, powerful reporting and advanced content integrity features. Some companies even create an entirely deployed demo for online servers.
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