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How To Benefit From Web-based Applications?
By Harish.Lath
Every business owner can benefit from web-based applications, a low-cost, secure alternative to a conventional server environment where you have all your data and your programs in one place, locally. The fact is, transitioning from any conventional, on-site system to the web-based applications solution, using the programs that are resident online, will both save you money and reward you with greater productivity.

This is true for all businesses. But this method is particularly sensitive to the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs, who are the engines of the American economy.

Start-up Costs & Growing Pains When you're trying to navigate the waters of a volatile economy and a changing marketplace, uncontrolled costs and unexpected IT issues can be dangerous. These are just the kind of surprises that growing businesses do not need. Spiraling start-up costs and unforeseen technical problems can cripple your growth plans. Your time, your energy, your operating funds - all going to waste. The answer is web-based applications - a virtual office. Someone else supplies secure, well tuned network equipment and connections, and they provide you and your employees with a high-speed network environment that will be constantly monitored, continuously updated and carefully maintained. With free, unlimited technical support and multiple, redundant data backups for total security, your data - your business - is always safe and sound.

Focus on Business The revolutionary technology of web-based applications lets you focus on growing your small business, not maintaining infrastructure. You can concentrate on your product, your service, your future. A fast, safe, secure and dependable work environment ensures that all your work time is productive

and growth-oriented. IT costs - under control. Downtime - a thing of the past. And you know what you're going to spend on your web-based applications every month, so your financial projections won't be waylaid by unexpected network problems.

A Level Playing Field One often-overlooked benefit of the web-based applications solution is that it levels the playing field for you. Keeping current with today's technology - buying it, maintaining it, upgrading it - can be a costly exercise in futility. Web-based application providers take over those responsibilities, so that you can use your time, energy and finances to grow your company, not battle IT problems.

Clearly, small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups have a tremendous ally in web-based application sites and "office suites," and the owners of those businesses fully expect their message of empowerment, security, competitive advantage and controlled costs to resonate with forward-looking people who put their hearts and souls into their own new companies. You should check out the availability of web-based applications by doing a wide search on the Internet for "web-based productivity" and similar terms.
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