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Web Applications - Developing A New World
By Meenakshi Wali
Web applications have a universal appeal. Among software applications, those based on the web have been found indispensable through out the world. From a user's perspective, the applications provide unique solutions like better communication with the people available on the Internet, interactive media, useful and self learning tools.

From business point of view, web applications look after different channels of interaction and communication within the business environment and outside.

Web applications development has received worldwide attention and for genuine reasons. The requirement for web applications in business organizations have been increasing since last so many years. With globalization and increased participation of business organizations for different purposes, the importance to web applications development has also been increased.

One of the recent occurrences in business world is the interdependence and business to business services. In popular establishments there is a complete division of units or compartmentalization of different departments. In such a situation intranet applications are of great utility. Similarly, some processes may be given to agencies outside or other business organizations. To keep in touch with them and help them deliver their service effectively, again the web applications are required.

Recently, the development teams and agencies are focusing on their utility for the masses or Internet users. The mailing services,

messaging services, online platforms like community web sites, blogs, etc., have increased their demand in the market.

In addition, web applications are also being developed to help services like voice and data transfer, information sharing and retrieval systems.

In the past, developers used to work on the requirements of their clients and the projects were based on the inputs received by them only. However, with the discovery of opportunities on the web, the developers have been engaged in working out on their own unique patents and solutions.

After considering such accomplishments in the industry, it is obvious that the market for web applications has increased manifolds. It is not limited as users may find any solution quite required tomorrow. The developers are now looking at various activities of the users and how to fill in the gaps. It is a long journey and there are miles to go.

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