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No Longer Reinventing The Wheel. Build Custom Web-based Business Applications Without Coding.
By David Mines
What is the best way to revolutionize an industry? Automate the repetitive, time-consuming tasks forced upon people within that industry.

Thatís our job as a software company -- to help transform other peopleís jobs. But why canít we transform the jobs of people in our own industry, the software industry? It stands to reason that if we could automate our own tasks, then we could revolutionize our own industry. Instead of taking months to develop custom software, it could take weeks or days.

Of course, thatís easier said then done. On the surface, each custom piece of software looks completely different. But through our experience, weíve noticed some trends. The Intellect product is the result of analyzing and fine-tuning

these trends.

Instead of a senior developer creating several thousand lines of custom-made programming logic, a business user can now fill out some forms and drag-and-drop elements on a page. Business users simply fill in gaps, using a platform so generic it initiates virtually any business application.

So does it work as well in practice as it does in theory? We have several non-developers on staff regularly create applications quite quickly. Our business depends on it.
David Mines is the chief software engineer at Los Angeles-based Interneer, Inc. He may be contacted at (310) 348-9609. Interneer Intellect is a web-based platform businesses use to build custom web applications without coding. If you would like more information about Interneer Intellect, please visit


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