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Significance Of Web Applications In Promoting Online Business
By deep raj
Web Applications allow business owners to share their core business applications and data with their globally dispersed stakeholders. In simple words, employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners can collaborate and access the same body of information simultaneously.

Web applications have become indispensable in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
Be it online surveys, event registration, reservation, and ticketing systems can all be performed online through robust, scalable web applications. Platform independent, open source web applications help small businesses perform these processes at a very low cost. Something for which proprietary systems will charge an astronomical amount.

The increasing popularity of secure web applications has led to an exponential rise in the amount of business that is transacted over the web. Secure payment gateways have enabled corporations to reduce their transaction costs leading to higher discounts for customers. It is a mutually beneficial situation for both as companies as well as consumers experience savings in terms of time and money.

Web applications have helped companies to streamline their internal processes. Attendance control systems, employee rosters, payrolls, office procedure manuals can all be maintained online.

Online lead management systems have helped in innovative prospect management. These provide users with inexpensive tools to create

sales opportunities, record quotes, and process orders and easily follow leads as they move down the sales channel to become quotes. These and other such web based customer management functionalities have helped organizations to track sales opportunities; close deals and manage sales processes effectively.

Online web applications also help organizations to provide a higher degree of service to their end users. Previously users had to make numerous telephone calls to obtain redresses for their complaints. Online web applications have made life easier for customers as customer facing websites integrated with complaint redressal systems help users to generate trouble tickets. These trouble tickets can be used to track the status of their complaints online.

Secure, scalable web applications lend credibility to businesses as they express a higher degree of trust in a company’s processes leading to higher referral and repeat business in the long run.
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