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The New Iphone Web Applications
By Gregg Brown
The new iPhone, works as a means to surfing the net, checking e-mail messages, and conducting daily business. It is basically a small computer in your pocket. You can have your favorite icons on the screen just as you would a desk top. And you can have as many as eight browser pages open at once.

However, the web applications of the iPhone make it worth every penny. Just what can you do with it on the web? You can do plenty.

First off, the applications allow a savings of time. It may take some time to adapt to this technology, as some applications will be new to you. One problem noted in many media outlets is the iPhone only works with an Apple Program called Safari. Once, Safari could only be used on Apple Computers, which was a minor headache for traditional PC buyers. On a personal note, I have an iPhone and Safari works great. Having access to the web at any time makes life and doing business a lot easier.

What are the other pluses? For any applications, pictures can be paramount in relaying your messages. The iPhone allows use of multiple kinds of images, including Gif and JPG. Up to 20,000 images can be downloaded to the 16 GB version if synced with iTunes. If you like watching videos online, you may doubt that you would be able to watch these videos. Actually, YouTube is built in to the basic iPhone, allowing for videos to be played, bookmarked, and even

to find the most popular. Many other major web applications can be used, including Adobe Reader.

The main sell point of the iPhone is the touch screen, which again saves time as web applications can be used on the go. The touch screen can be different for new users, but it's as simple to move through the applications as using a mouse on a desktop computer.

With its web applications iPhone stands out as a leading product from a top manufacturer. Ten years ago, few would have known an item the size of a cell phone would have the power of a computer, that can handle business documents, check emails, and download hundreds pictures online.

Other manufacturers like are developing different versions of hardware that will compete with the iPhone. But the portability and user friendly web applications make this a winner. The iPhone stands out as a way to save your time, and build your business on the go.
Gregg Brown is owner of Loud-Wire.com. Where you will be able find the latest Apple Electronics.


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