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Web 2.0, Php Based Web Applications
By Natasa
The internet has changed rapidly throughout the last ten years or so. Those who remember the beginning stage of the internet will likely remember how basic just about every website on the net had looked at the time compared to today's standards. It is almost as if each year that goes by brings with it an insurmountable amount of advancement in the field of the internet. Recently, such advances have been so great that it has caused experts in the field to dub newer aspects of the internet as Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 may be confusing to a lot of people, but the basic tenet of it is that it involves the use of PHP-based web applications. PHP is a scripting language that has changed the way people interact with the internet. While the websites of old used to basically just be "there," web 2.0 has allowed coders to create sites that users can interact with fully, allowing them to change various aspects of the sites themselves, in real time. Many of the social networking sites that have become so popular in the last few years, such as Facebook and Twitter, are examples of web 2.0 practices put into work. Experts consider this to be the future of the internet, as it has

unlocked doors for people to create websites that were only seen as fantasy even just a few years ago.

The glory of PHP-based web applications is that they have opened up a whole new side of the internet, which will serve to create jobs as well as bring in money to those who are creating and marketing the sites. Social networking websites are extremely popular these days, and just about everyone who keeps up on recent social trends has taken notice of this and is trying to reap their share of the situation. This can only be viewed as good, as everyone stands to win in this situation. Web 2.0 will inevitably create more jobs, more web traffic, and more money! The future of the internet is exceedingly bright, and will likely surpass just about everyone's expectations.
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