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Uses Of Joomla
By Walker
Joomla is an award winning open source content management system (CMS) that allows users to rapidly build websites even without any skill in web designing. Though it is open source it nevertheless comes built-in with a lot of free and commercial extensions. With Joomla you don't need specialists to maintain web pages, as in the case of HTML. In this way, Joomla has created a revolution in the world of web designing. Let us see more about this software in the following article.

Joomla acts as an easy interface that separates the complexities of updating web content from the novice user. It can help in adding features to an existing site like Blog, Forum, Gallery, Shopping Cart, guestbook etc. Joomla organizes website content as Sections, Categories, and Content Items and this data is stored in a mySQL database. What joomla does is it acts as a graphic user interface for this database. Joomla template uses HTML with PHP hooks that contains information on where particular parts of the content should be placed. Joomla's core engine uses this information from the database and uses it in the template file to produce a webpage.

A Joomla template is divided into a number of zones. Each zone has a position name called module positions E.g. left, right, top, bottom, user1, user2, etc. The template designer can assign the modules to a certain position by adjusting the module parameters. In this way the we can define to which zone the module will belong to. The user can then assign some content to one of these positions. So all you need to know is how to install Joomla to create a free template and build your own website. You will never need HTML knowledge or help from a web designer.

Joomla has something called Components which are actually add-on programs that add additional functionality whose administrative features are integrated in the Joomla Administrator. Another Joomla term is Mambot, a script that is run just before rendering the content for doing any final changes before outputting

your website.

Joomla helps you to create websites using CSS with least use of tables. In this way the template code will be easier to validate W3C standards. Also CSS templates developed with Joomla load faster and do better in search engines.

Joomla can be used for designing wide and diverse websites ranging from simple to more complex corporate websites.

Some of the website types served by Joomla are:
Online marketing websites,
Corporate websites,
Web sites of Non Government Organizations,
Government websites,
Sites of Churches and other religious institutions,
Websites of Educational Institutions,
Personal websites,
Magazines and portals,
and more.

With Joomla you can easily and quickly add features by installing pre-built add ons. Joomla templates can make your website look more professional and your web content much easier to manage. No wonder, joomla usage has increased manifold. Today there are millions of sites offering support services to people using Joomla as their web designing tool. So you wont find it difficult to clear your doubts on joomla through forums and blogs. As the number of people using Joomla is ever increasing, more and more free Joomla templates are available for download. Go ahead, order a Joomla and enjoy easy and trouble free content management. is a wonderful resource for buying instant and professional website templates for all your web designing needs. The site also provides differnt membership schemes in order to facilitate a long-term relationship with webmaster, web developers and web designers.


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