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Joomla Video Tutorials
By hydro110
It does not take a penny to know about the exploits of Joomla. Well! For the uninitiated, it is among the highest ranked Open Source Content Management Systems. Joomla 1.5 applications are running a riot on the Internet. Web Hosts like applying this CMS as it lets them run great script runners. Fantastico is a superb example. Joomla makes a lot of other tasks easier too.

What you get through the tutorial

Joomla tutorials tell us about the various Search Engine friendly URLs that a site shall use. The CMS can also be used for running content bound templates. You can also know about the various Joomla modules, templates, CMS, installation and other aspects. While Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 have both done well, it is 1.5 that is red hot in the market today. Joomla video tutorials teach all about the application of Joomla 1.5.

You can create brilliant websites

With Joomla 1.5 video tutorial you will learn about creating fantastic websites and MySpace style communities. Joomla can help you make Video Sharing Sites and Social Bookmarking Sites. Joomla video tutorial teaches all about the way of doing so. Various Joomla video tutorials can be grabbed for free. Their length may vary but at any rate, they provide ample resource to strengthen your Joomla knowledge.

Installation and performance over Joomla handled well

Joomla video tutorials are aimed at mastering the Content Management System. The idea is to clearly comprehend each fundamental and advanced aspect of this CMS. Many animated video tutorials will help you in installing Joomla as well as performing on Joomla. This includes managing the Joomla website. Joomla enabled websites can run complex scripts better over the dedicated servers.

Tips and tricks section

After going through the basic nuances of Joomla, you will be able to move to the Tip And Tricks Section

(it is called so by many video tutorial sites though the name may vary too), here you will get great information on the valuable things that need to be done. Mambo, Ruby On Trails, Python and others are there but Joomla has a special place in the heart of website owners and web hosts alike.

Third party applications

Joomla video tutorials will teach you everything about Joomla hosting. You will learn about customizing your personal templates. There are many third party applications too. You will get to know about each of them. There are various such components and modules upon which the video tutorials shed a lot of light; DocMan, Community builder and a lot else.

Videos and written illustrations

Joomla video tutorials are aimed for those in particular who have no prior knowledge of graphic design and software. With Joomla, you will understand the finer nuances of making a website look good. Hosts who use Joomla are simply gaga. Video tutorials provide animated, step-by-step guide to the various processes. Apart from the videos, there are elaborate instructions in black and white too.

And to sum it up

Joomla rocks and its video tutorials are providing a comprehensive guide to understanding it better.
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