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Analysis And Comparision Of Ipod Data Transfer Software
By Chuck Matthews
Are you looking for full-featured and easy-to-use software that will allow you to upload music, videos, pictures and podcasts from your iPod to iTunes quickly and easily? If so, it is important to remember that all iPod data transfer software on the market today does this however many products do not allow you to upload data from your computer to your iPod or iPhone, or support the most recent iPod and iPhone models. These particular features seem to be a dividing line of sorts between the less expensive and more expensive products out there, namely that the less expensive mono- transfer capability products and the slightly more expensive products that support dual computer to iPod and iPod to computer data transfer and support all iPod and iPhone models. The following is a brief summary of user experiences and general analysis of some of the more popular iPod transfer software offerings currently available for purchase.

1. iPod to Computer Transfer 5.3: iPod to Computer Transfer performs the data transfer from your iPod to your computer seamlessly for music and videos although some users have reported problems with transferring games. Other users feel that the upgrade process is not clearly discernable and some have reservations about the look and feel of the software itself, but all in all, iPod to Computer Transfer 5.3 performs the tasks it claims to do efficiently, and is priced in the 20 dollar category of iPod one-way transfer software offerings, although it is unclear if all data can be transferred with this software, not just music and videos. This product has a free trial download available on cnet and zdnet or on their website.

2. MediaWidget Easy iPod Transfer 4.0.16: MediaWidget is one of these iPod transfer software products in the 25 dollar range that has dual iPod to computer and computer to iPod transfer capability. Most users seem to agree that MediaWidget excels with an intelligently organized assortment of features, although some would like to have more information and tutorials available to learn how to use all these features!

MediaWidget gets great reviews for its ability to perform dual transfer tasks seamlessly and for its attractive design, although one user did report having problems with transferring playlists in lieu of individual songs, although other users reported being able to transfer playlists without incident. All in all, MediaWidget gets rave reviews for its full-featured functionality and easy-to-use layout. MediaWidget would be a good fit for the iPod or iPhone user who has experience in using this kind of software and is looking for a more comprehensive iPod software transfer utility. A free trial download is available for this product on the Bootstrap Development website or on cNet or ZDnet, among others.

4. 4Media iPod to PC Transfer 4Media iPod to PC Transfer is priced in the 25 dollar range like MediaWidget and iPod Rip but interestingly enough does not have dual transfer capability like those products do and is therefore questionable how the price can be justified without this added functionality. However, users report that this software does what it says it can do with relatively few problems. It also has a free trial download available on the 4Media website or on the major software download sites.

5. Tansee iPod Transfer 3.3: Tansee's iPod Transfer is competitively priced in the $20 range along with similar iPod to computer transfer-only software products in this category. This particular product above all others reviewed here received numerous complaints about mainly two things: first, many users reported that this product does not install properly or crashes when being installed on a second iPod or iPhone and second, their customer service left much to be desired as far as finding a solution to a problem is concerned.

Other users reported that it could not transfer meta data such as volume adjustments, manual song titles and playlists - just individual songs and videos only. To summarize, given the numerous unresolved issues with this product, it is our recommendation that you compare other products by using the free trial download before purchasing this one.

6. iPod Robot iPod to Computer Transfer 4.5: iPod Robot iPod to Computer Transfer software is priced in the 20 dollar range and offers single transfer capability along with similarly priced competing products out there. Many users report liking the clean and crisp layout of the software and say that this software does what it says it can do without incident. In sum, its our feeling that this product is a solid choice for the more entry-level user who is looking for a quick, easy and more cost-effective way to transfer data from their iPod to iTunes. The only limitation we could find was that there is a 7 day trial download only - available o n the iPodRobot website or on the major software download sites.

7. iPodAid iPod To Computer Transfer 5.7.2: iPodAid iPod To Computer Transfer is another one of these more basic features offerings that is priced at the lower end of the spectrum at around 20 dollars. It has a somewhat hard to read user interface with grey text over a black background. Users have indicated that the trial version, available for download on the major software download sites as well as the iPod Aid website, only allows you to transfer one song before requiring you to upgrade to the paid

"Pro" version - beware! 8. iPod to computer copy 2.3: iPod to computer copy, the highest priced product on this list at 30 dollars, is a stretch considering that it only supports single iPod to computer data transfer. Users consider the software to perform capably with regard to transferring all types of files, however. It also has a free trial download available on the Tansee website and other major software download sites.

9. Cucusoft iPod/iPhone/iTouch to Computer Transfer: This is another full-featured offering with dual transfer capability and supporting all iPod and iPhone models. It is also the highest-priced product reviewed here at around 30 dollars. Most users report liking the full-featured functionality of this product, namely photo transfer, multiple languages (English, Spanish, Deutsch, Japanese, Chinese and more) and auto-search functionality. Ease of use is also among the accolades. All in all, this product has as much functionality as any of the other full-featured offerings reviewed here: MediaWidget , Anapod Explorer and iPod Rip, but is priced in the 30 dollar range along with Anapod Explorer.

10. Red Chair Anapod Explorer Universal Edition: As mentioned above in the Cucusoft review, the Anapod Explorer Universal Edition has dual-transfer and playlist and photo transfer capability and works with all iPod models There are also 4 other iPod model-specific versions of this software available: the iPod Shuffle Edition, iPod Nano Edition and iPod Mini Edition which work for their particular models only, however there is no iPhone support for any of these versions.

Users like the easy to use drag and drop interface, free lifetime upgrades and multiple devices support although there are mixed reviews about how responsive and effective their tech support is. Others have reservations about the instillation process as you first need to buy the software, download and install the program, click a link to send in an electronic token and then click on the installation code link in an email that will let you fully activate the product. There is also no Mac version for this software, interestingly enough. The bottom line for Anapod Explorer Universal Edition is that it performs all iPod data transfer tasks capably but has no iPhone support and at 30 dollars is a little pricey given the deficiencies.

Taking advantage of the free trial downloads that most of the iPod to computer software manufacturers offer on the above software download websites is a great way to help you decide which iPod transfer software is right for you. However, it is important to remember that if you elect to purchase one of the iPod to computer software offerings with features such as the ability to upload data to your iPod or iPhone from your computer, multi-model and computer functionality and multiple file format transfer capability means you may lose your iPod data altogether in the case of loss, theft or an operating system reinstall or find that your software does little more than the free iTunes can.

Or in other words, you may eventually find the need to purchase a more full-featured iPod to computer data transfer software package that has this functionality. Upon closer examination, it's our view that it is well worth the extra few dollars to have this added functionality, both as a safeguard to your iPod data as well as the ability to transfer data between multiple iPods and iPhones. Remember to consider the full spectrum of functionality and ease of use for the money when considering an ipod data transfer software purchase!

Copyright (c) 2009 Chuck Matthews
For those of you currently looking for a reliable product that will allow you to upload data from your iPod or iPhone to iTunes , its worth noting that any iPod data transfer software does this but most can not also upload data from your computer to your iPod or iPhone or support newer models. This feature seems to be a key point of differentiation between currently available products on the market today.


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