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A Security Matter To All Business Software Users!
By Lionel Estridge
As we all know identity theft has become an extensive problem in today's world. Fortunately people nowadays are familiar with the problem of identity theft and the basic defence needed to protect ourselves.

Just a number of simple tips can prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. Things like shredding or incinerating identifying documents, changing passwords regularly, and keeping PIN numbers separate from our ATM cards. These steps will beyond doubt help to keep you as an individual, safe.

But unfortunately a home-based business makes you an attractive target for burglary and theft, thieves knows that in effect they can rob two places for the price of one that is your home, and your home business.

So security is absolutely imperative, and must begin with files that are kept on your computer. Make sure that a password is used to protect your desktop, even if you are the only one who normally has access to your system. A good password utilizes both letters and numbers, and is difficult to guess. Should the computer be stolen, the information contained within will still be protected. Especially sensitive documents can be individually password protected with many types of software programs before selling or trashing your computer.

You will need to invest in a high quality wipe program that eliminates all traces of data from the hard drive. Hackers often steal junked computers or buy them from pawnshops in hopes of tracing residual information; they have the equipment and technology to do this.

Make sure that all files are regularly backed up to a separate drive, and this must be separately protected. Options can include an external hard drive that can be locked in a safe, or hidden somewhere safe, or even a miniature flash drives that can be clipped to a keychain. In that way, if your main computer is unfortunately stolen, you will still have imperative access to your customer records.

Be exceptionally scrupulous about your internet connection. A firewall and top quality antivirus software are absolutely critical; your best offence is an active defence, so set your programs above all

your operating system, to update automatically, many of the updates are designed to fix security problems. By utilizing your firewall and automatically updating your programs, you will go a long way toward defending yourself and your customers' information.

But if you plan to have customers submit any form of personal data to you through your website, and in particular if you offer online ordering, your website must truly be secure.

So a most have is Secure Socket Layering, as most of us now know, this is the technical name of encryption, the software scrambles the data as it is transmitting, thus preventing the data from falling into the wrong hands. This is one expense that you basically must accept, as non-SSL transmissions are easily viewable by others on the internet.

Protecting your customers' information is relatively easy, just remember to follow the general identity theft protection procedures for your customers' data as well as your own, utilize SSL, excellent firewall and antivirus software, and back up and password protect your client files.

At all times practice standard identity protection procedures for your clients as well as yourself. Frequently updated firewall and antivirus software, and make this become a habit, because if you can get into this habit, you will be doing your best to protect yourself and your business, and you will find it easy to keep this up as your business grows.
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