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Joomla Templates: The Ultimate Solution
By Maddouri
The main idea in joomla is using templates so I will explain in this article the concept of joomla templates.
What are Joomla templates?

Joomla templates are a series of html, php, xml and image files that serve as basic foundation designs within the Joomla Content Management System. You can avail of several pre-made Joomla templates that are available freely or the internet or you could custom-make your own Joomla template for absolute creative control over the presentation of the content and the overall appearance of the website.
Using Joomla templates, web designers as well as end-users can easily and effortlessly manage and maintain dynamic websites regardless of their level of proficiency or knowledge of the code.

How Joomla templates work?

When the content is inserted into a Joomla template, it inherits the menus, link styles, colors, navigation and text size of the template, undergoing a radical transformation in appearance.

How Joomla templates help?

Joomla templates help you design and build new websites and upgrade existing ones without the need to hire expensive web designers. Joomla templates make it easy to insert additional pages, audio and video and also to add or edit text, pictures and menus.
Joomla templates that utilize Cascading Style Sheets or CSS help users generate layouts without the need of using tables. This helps the web site load faster and makes it easier to maintain. It also makes it easier to authenticate the template code to the atandards set by the World Wide Web Consortium

So an excellent way to quickly create a Web site is using pre-designed website Joomla Templates. You can easily find free or paid templates on many web sites on the web.

Free joomla Templates
If you are really determined to get out of the models, a better way to do this is to use those who come for free software with all that you use. Joomla or Word Press,

for example, is very clean, attractive models. But you do, though, you must understand that freedom will never be unique joomla templates: your site will be just like hundreds of other Web sites there are the same model as you did it for free.

Cheap joomla Templates
Once you begin to enter the territory paid for the models, things began to investigate. The idea behind the sites that sell joomla templates is that they can pay the designers of interest rates, do something good once, and then resell it as many times as they wish for a relatively low price. This option allows designers to be paid for the greatest number of joomla templates they want, without ever having to deal with customers, and it allows customers to buy and use joomla templates for a price substantially below what they were used to pay for something much more serious-T And they can see in advance.

Exclusive joomla Templates
After seeing how some people dislike the other sites being able to use their design, but many sites began selling exclusive joomla templates of those sold only once, to a site, then removed. They met a runaway hit on their hands.

Finally, if you want to create your own web site I think that using joomla templates is a very good alternative than hiring a good web designer.
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