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Best Small Business Accounting Software -- 4 Simple Steps To Guarantee You Get It
By Al Bullington
Choosing the best small business accounting software may help your company survive. Yes, out of control finances kill many a company every year. How do you know when to order inventory when you really don't know what your inventory levels are? Is hiring a new employee a good idea? How can you decide? Will it pay to buy a new piece of equipment? Many decisions are easier to make and many decisions are almost automatic if your financial systems are under control. Plus having a smooth running financial system is a sure stress reducer and reducing stress helps with decision making too. Here's how to get the right system.

Your Needs.

Every industry is different and your company is unique. Think about what you need from an accounting system. Maybe inventory is an important part of your business or maybe not. Do you need a payroll system or not? Before you do much shopping for software, think through what you need in the way of information. That way you're less likely to be sold something you don't need. Remember too that some of what you may do now to management your business can be done easier and faster. Maybe you check inventory every morning, but a computerized inventory system could keep inventory levels current all the time. You could check inventory levels less often and save time and money.

Easy To Use.

Buy a puppy and the cost just starts. That's the way accounting software is too. The initial cost is just the start. Learning how to use the software may be a bigger challenge than you think. Sure it's nice to talk about all the power a computer system has. But the easier, the better. Buy a system to meet your needs, not one that's much more complex than you'll ever need. Is this a proven system? Is there somebody who can help you if you get in trouble? Often times local accounting firms are a resource to help you with problems.

Not Too Complex.

You can often get software in different modules. Get the main accounting system, with general ledger and journals in one package. Then you can add payroll or inventory

management or other modules. You can even get industry specific versions like construction company versions or retail versions, just whatever you need. Often the best choice may be an off-the-shelf product. Very seldom does a small business need a custom software product. You want a proven product used by businesses much like yours.

Will It Grow?

Need more computing power as you grow? It's much easier to move to a more powerful version of the software you have than to buy from a different company. That's true because usually the more powerful version is designed to look and operate like what you have now. That's why staying within the Peachtree Software products makes upgrading easier. Same with Quickbooks. Upgrading within Quickbooks is easier than switching from Quickbooks to Peachtree. Be careful of a cheap software system with no upgrade product. You'll be stuck.

Reduce stress and make better decisions too with the best small business accounting software. The best investment you can make when choosing software is to first decide what you really need. Then buy a system that meets your needs, but that's as simple to use and upgrade as possible. That's a sure route to cost and time savings. You will be much less likely to buy more system than you need if you carefully think through your requirements as the very first step when choosing accounting software.
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