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Building Online Communities With Joomla
By davet
Social networking is the latest Internet activity. Everyone is participating in forums and making personal and business connections through online communities. The success of social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing prove the increasing popularity of social networking. With reliable Joomla hosting, you can build your own Joomunity social community.

Get your website business noticed when you offer your own social community. It's easy when you have Joomla hosting. The applications are highly customizable and you don't have to be computer savvy to create your own social community. A few of the easily accessible applications include phpBB forums using xmlrpc to provide phpBB integration, Newsticker to provide 90 percent Javascript powered newsreader, the My Imeem simple playlist embed, articles with extends com_content, comprehensive profile statistics and Twitter right in your profile.

Joomunity is open source so everyone can enjoy it. Because it is built upon open source technology, Joomla users enjoy greater freedom. The design is beautifully compliant. User profiles are simple to create but can be integrated. The profiles for easy user are highly extensible through advanced applications. This gives users the ability to share as much or as little about themselves as they choose.

Convenient minifeeds applications give your members the opportunity to follow each other's updates. Through a simple minifeed applications, users know when other members make new posts or add something to the social networking community. This makes it a breeze for users to communicate with each other and get the most from the online community The drop that comment feature give members the ability to post quick comments on each others profiles to encourage more meaningful communication. The complete Twitter application makes it possible to post right from a Joomunity profile to Twitter to really get noticed.

Since no two social communities are ever alive,

Joomunity makes their applications completely customizable. You can create your own unique social community to optimize the potential of networking for your business. All types of visitors will come when you set up an inviting, interactive community. Potential clients, experts and people in your industry will connect with your business when you start a thriving social community.

With Joomla hosting and Joomunity you also stay connected with your current clients and business associates. Provide updates, discuss new products and services and remain in touch by actively participating in the community. Let people know about your new community when you visit other social networking websites you may use for your business such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Finally, you can learn what people really want by starting your own Joomunity. On social forums, people talk frankly about their opinions. By discovering what customers like and don't like, you find out what to offer them.

Harness the power of online social networking for your business to remain on the cutting edge of technology. It's easy to set up an interactive community with Joomunity. With reliable Joomla web hosting and a thriving social community, your business will appreciate a better reputation and increased targeted traffic which means more profits.
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