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Does Article Marketing Software Really Work?
By William J Thomas
Having recently come to the realization that I was spending more time submitting articles to article directories then I was writing them, I decided to purchase a popular article submission software with the hopes that it would automate many of the tedious details of submitting articles, and allow me to spend more time writing. After purchasing the software, I excitedly downloaded it and jumped right it wanting to put it to use right away. Unfortunately, after using it a few times, I discovered that it failed to live up to my expectations, and it wasn't long before I discarded it altogether. This article looks at my experiences with article submission software, and points out several areas where this software fails to deliver.

The reason many people consider purchasing article submission software is the assertation that the software will eliminate much of the time consuming tasks. The claim is that once you sign up for a directory and submit your information, the software will automatically load your information the next time you login to submit an article. Unfortunately, what happens with many of the article directories is that when you login to submit a new article it will load the original article that you had submitted when you first signed up, meaning that every time you submit an article, you have to go back and remove the original article, and copy and paste in the new one. It doesn't seem to matter how many articles you submit, the article submission software keeps loading the original article. Obviously, this issue becomes a bit irritating, and furthermore, a huge waste of time.

Another one of the alleged benefits of article submission software is the claim is that the software contains hundreds of pre-loaded sites that you can submit your articles to, allowing you wide exposure for your articles. However, what I discovered when trying to submit my articles to the directories was that many of the sites were no longer in business, and many of the sites would took so long to load that you would tend to get frustrated with them, and move on to the next site. While it would be unrealistic to expect perfection, one would expect that the majority of the websites would be active and functioning. In this case, it appears that the owner of the article submission software had more important things to do then keeping his software up to date.

While the previous issues might be enough to make you decide against using article submission software, it gets worse because

many of the directories require you to use a different username and password and instead sends you an email generated one. While in theory this shouldn't cause a problem since the article submission software is supposed to remember the information you entered for each site, in practice it often failed to do so, causing you to type in those two dirty words, "forgot password" repeatedly. While it may not appear to be a major issue, having to stop numerous times to check your email for a password is a pain, and sort of makes you wonder why you purchased the software in the first place.

If all of these negatives haven't chased you away, you should be aware that article submission software can vary a great deal in price. Before purchasing software, I would suggest that you go to a few Internet Marketing forums to see what others are saying about the software you're thinking of purchasing. You can also do a check simply by doing a Google search with the words 'Article Submission Software'. As the saying goes, 'buyer beware'.

As with many things in life, expectations are oftentimes greater than results. While Article Submission software promises to eliminate much of the dirty work in article distribution, it did leave this writer a bit disappointed with the results. While I found that there were some benefits to be had in using this type of software, they were more than offset by the problems I encountered. While my experience left a lot to be desired, perhaps it isn't the norm, and there is indeed article submission software that performs as stated. Just be sure to do your research before spending your depreciating dollars on this type of software.
William J. Thomas works in Healthcare and spends much of his free time on the Internet with his Internet radio station. Bill also contributes articles on Internet Marketing, business and other related topics. Bill's current website shows you how to earn excellent money from home with Affiliate Marketing.


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