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Spyware Adware Removal Software Ė What Everyone Needs To Know.
By Tim Guy
Itís a proven but not well documented fact that nearly all anti spyware, anti adware and internet security removal software is incapable of dealing with all known spyware, adware and malware.

The problem this creates for most innocent users is that they donít know this until an infection appears that their spyware or adware removal software canít deal with and thatís the best case scenario.

Although itís quite frustrating when your security software reports a problem but is completely powerless to deal with it; you do at least know there is a problem. In some cases problems may not even be recognised and a Trojan could be sitting on your hard drive undetected quietly doing its job. Undetected spyware isnít that uncommon. Inadequate spyware and adware removal software is more common than is realised.

If you do get stubborn spyware or adware reported then you have to buy some specialist removal software that youíll probably only use one. Or spend time conversing with a specialist on one of the tech forums.

Factor in the deliberate scare mongering of the false positive and itís any wonder we trust anti spyware, adware companies or the removal software they provide.

Whatís a false positive?

A false positive is when a spyware or adware scanner returns a positive result for spyware

that isnít on your computer. Itís a big bad lie designed to worry you into thinking you have a bigger problem than you thought and to push you towards purchasing the recommended removal software. This practice is also fairly common though of course itís highly illegal, totally immoral and only designed to make sales. Thereís no concern for either the consumer or the inadequacies of the software.

There exists only a handful of anti spyware and anti adware removal software that can deal with all the problems out there. Thatís the inconvenient truth surrounding most internet security software; a lot of it just isnít up to the job.

Thatís why we have to run so much of it so often and why we find so much spyware and adware when we do; most people run at least two types of removal software. Though in truth, quite often, even thatís not enough for all the reasons mentioned above.
Tim Guy has dealt with more spyware infected computers than he can remember and knows the best, easiest and most effective ways to eliminate spyware, adware and malware. Go to for much more info. Tim Guy lives in the UK, is a single parent and has a number of interests based around computers and IT.


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