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Email Marketing Software For Local Tailor Shops
By RBurko
Email marketing software will bring your community to you in greater numbers! As an owner and operator of a local tailor shop, it is important for you to stay ahead of the local competition. This will help increase numbers in sales, because staying ahead of your competition means having a larger share of the local market. Email marketing software will help bring that greater share into your store for repeat business, or bring new customers into your loyal customer base. As the world becomes more tech-savvy, so do the customers. Appealing to their comforts through email marketing software will make them feel valued and create a loyal customer base as you progress forward in your business enterprise.

The most effective method for starting your email marketing software contact list comes from a simple three step equation: promotions + in-store sign ups + online sign ups = an opt-in list for successful email marketing.

First, create a promotional discount that you can live with. You might want to call it a preferred customer discount for older customers, or a new customer discount for the fresher faces. A 10-20% discount offered, or a buy one get one free deal, will be sent to customers via email once they have signed up and given you their email address.

A similar promotion can be offered online, through a web sign up box. The top-ranked email marketing software will provide you free of charge - included as part of their free trial a web sign up box. This is a function that is easily added to your website, which will allow people interested in the discount to sing-up on the web. It is directly linked to your account with the email marketing software provider.

Once you have your list, you need to start building your email marketing software campaign.

Within minutes, you can upload images of the suits, dresses, and other pieces you have created, and cut and paste content into the appropriate sections. The better email marketing software programs will have hundreds of templates for you to choose from in neatly organized categories, so it will be easy to find whatever it is that suits your marketing needs.

Here are a few hints to mull over when setting up your email marketing software campaign: avoid using too much bolding, italics,

and capital lettering in the main body portion or the subject line of your email. Also, try not to put too many images of your work without also balancing those pictures with text content to support the images. And, symbols like exclamation points or dollar signs in your subject line should also be avoided. All these techniques, frequently used to attract people's attention, also end up attracting spam filters. If you overuse them, your email will not go into people's inbox, but rather into their spam or junk folder.
Keep in mind that you will be able to track which of your clients were interested in your marketing campaign. One of the great things about email marketing software is that it can track 'clicks', and 'opens.' This gives you a percentage breakdown and analysis of which of your customers are opening and clicking on the promotions you have in your email. Also, by adding a 'forward to friend' button, you will be able increase your mailing list, and have a greater chance to attract more customers.

Because of how cost-effective email marketing is (as low as $10 to send out to 1000 people), an email marketing software is indispensible for your tailor shop. Email marketing software will help you get a larger piece of the pie because you are appealing to a new generation, in a method that suits their desires. Not only that, you are also offering them preferred client discounts. Now your tailor shop will be in the minds and hearts of your customers. Email marketing software will dress you for success!
Robert Burko is president of, the complete email marketing software trusted by tailors everywhere. Try the feature packed email marketing solution today with a no-risk free trial.


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