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Some Common Web Development Mistakes
By Shefali Dhamija
Every business today owns a website. A lot of web development companies are proliferating world wide which offer web development services for businesses. Nowadays, websites are being developed with latest development tools. However, there are some mistakes commonly done by web developers on websites, which need a considerable attention.

Following is the list of mistakes which result in decreasing website visitors as well as ruins the business reputation:

The Site is under Construction: The most common mistake committed on websites is putting a sign ‘the site is under construction’. Websites gradually grow with time. Only publish your website when it is ready to be shown in public.

Visitor Stats: Visitors generally do not bother that how many other people have visited your site. However, low visitor stats can be a psychological turn-off to people and if it’s too high, people might think that the figures are untrue. The best way to do is not to include in your website. If you really want to know how many visitors you have had, you can always use web analytics services.

No Copyright Statements: Often website content and design is copied by designers. This is mainly due to the lack of copyright statements on web pages. It is highly recommended to include copyright statements on every web page to avoid copying the content or design.

Unnecessary Use of Technology: It is a saying that ‘excess of everything is bad’. Sometimes excessive technologies are used by developers

and designers which may distract the visitors. This overuse of technology should be avoided.
Passive Verbs: Web pages often contain passive verbs due to which website seem to have a lazy look. Active verbs and sentences make your website more powerful, energetic and conversational.

Lengthy Pages: People avoid reading lengthy pages. Brief and concise pages have more readership than lengthy web pages. You can create a series of pages with good navigation if you have a lot to say.

No Call to Action: Call to Action means to ask the visitor to do something. A space on the website should be designated to tell your visitors what you want them to do next- It may a 'Sign up' or 'Order now'.

Slow Page Loading: Research shows that more than 50% of Internet users have dial-up connections to access the web. Visitors will quickly move on to find another site if your page does not open rapidly. Try to trim down your pages so as to make the website load easily even at a slow Internet speed.
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