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Web Development Stages
The goal of your web site is to help your business increases on the highest level that is possible if that is your tendency. Having your business website online is like another shop or office for your business. Web site presents the connection between you and your clients so web development process has to be accredited to professional web developer how it would build a web site towards your wishes and expectations.

Look at these stages of web developing.

The project conception

This is the first step in web development process which goal is to achieve long and short terms of the web site in order to have a clear picture of you web site mission. Those terms can be:

. Function

. Targeted audience

. Style and size

. Content and text

. Technology

Design & Development

After the first consultation, the next stage is design and development. If you want to be sure that you receive the web site you wish provide your feedback which is very important in design and development processes.

Construction and Testing

This step of web development considers that designers and programmers work together always it is necessary to get the construction that fits your web site needs. In this stage of web site process you are able to be involved and than you can give your feedback thought. The testing results come from web development team and also there is a feedback from the audience you have targeted.

Before launching the web site it is recommended to test the site through different web site browsers and after that web site is ready.


After completing your web site there is a great marketing tool to use in promoting your business. That is URL or web address. Put this address in all your business communications and marketing campaigns. Your marketing strategy

now has an integrated part presented as a web site. For better promotion of you web site web development process includes Meta tags that will forward your web site into search engines. Meta tags are the keywords or phrases that the costumers type in the search engine and try to get your business web site. This way of advertising your business will increase your profit and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will arrange this to work for you. The goal of search engine marketing is to make a web site content more search engine homey how the web site would rank higher. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will search for your web site content keywords and use those for the best optimization in search engines. The keywords with the high density on your web site will drive the relevant traffic through the leading search engines.

Site upkeep

When your web site starts to drive traffic through the internet market, upkeep needs to be considered. Web site will surely help your business increases and maybe later you will want to change some things that will reflect in that time your current business identity. Depending on your business changes accordingly you will modify the web site either occasional changes or to update its ongoing basis.
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