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Flash Loader And Flash Web Development
By Anirban Bhattacharya
Though often used interchangeably, the concept of loader and preloader in flash scripting are not one and the same thing. As we run any flash application, a certain waiting time greets us before the application eventually starts. During the time when the flash application loads itself, a gateway works in the background that makes sure that all the relevant assets are in position. This gateway is called a Flash Loader. Pre-loader, as the name itself suggests, is a loader of the loader, which in turn ensures that the loader has the graphic, the animation and other components in place, in ready condition, as it starts.

As contemporary flash web development includes flash animations as a part of flash graphic design and flash game design, a good loader in place is important for satisfactory user experience. Time is a vital ingredient on web, as users rarely have leisure and patience to wait for more than a few seconds. As a user must wait for loader to get the animation ready for a play, it is recommended to make the loading time informative and interesting for the user by implementing the following tips in flash web development:
Make the Flash loader inform the user as regards the percentage of downloaded at a given moment, how

much percentage of downloading is remaining etc. with a progress indicator;
Make the loader’s flash graphic design, animation and text pleasant for the eyes and mind, in tandem with the overall impression of the flash application,;
It is also important that the user does not have to wait long as the pre-loader gets ready with the assets of the loader. So, it is important to keep the loader light and hence faster.
Avoid “skip intro” button, as the wait is not optional.

A loader is an important and useful component of flash scripting for any flash application. Without it, the user experience of a flash animation may not be up to the mark, unless there is a simple linear animation in question. A loader ensures that the SWF plays with a degree of some control over how it is executed in the first run.
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