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Lets Talk About Joomla Cms
By Jens Schubert

Individuals, companies, authors, publishers...almost everyone can take advantage of Joomla

Ever wanted to create a website but had no clue about HTML and how to do it?

Let's start from scratch. You have an idea and want to design a website. Here is what you do: Get familiar with Photoshop because Photoshop is just HUGE. It is the best tool in this category, I have been working with it for years and yet I have to say I know maybe about 60% of its capabilities

I won't tell you the golden rules of website design, because this would definitely be too much for this blog here, so let's assume you have read some tutorials on website design, the Do's and Dont's etc. After scribbling some layouts, you will convert this into Photoshop, then later "slice" the graphics according to the layout, save them as individual graphic files an later put them together into a HTML-editor like Dreamweaver.

You created your menu buttons, put them into HTML, linked them to your content, so far so good. You bring your website online and then, after a while you figure you would need another menu item. What do you need to do? Go back to Photoshop, create that one button (2 if you work with rollover), bring them into your HTML layout and if you have bad luck, that additional button will let your whole layout explode...

Especially if you design websites for customers, this is a pain in the a...because they like to keep changing their minds like crazy and that means a lot of additional work for you.

So what do you do then? Think about a system, which lets you create a menu automatically, which lets you add menu items within minutes? Sounds good? Yes it does and it's not a dream, it's just a Content Management System (CMS). Over the years I really liked to work with is


It is not too huge and complicated like Typo 3 but has all the features one needs and comes with a whole lot of extensions due to its popularity. There are thousands of websites offering

help, commercial services (like template design, installation etc.)

But back to where we have set it up in a few easy steps, choose one of the hundreds of free template designs, which can easily be customized to your own needs. Of course you will have an advantage here also, if you know the Tricks of the Pros, because then your sites will really look like made by a design studio! You don't need to necessarily work in your HTML Editor, you can do everything online. You can enter text, pictures, create menu items, create different menues, submenues etc. You even have a access rights management, where you can give your customer the right to update the "news" page for instance. This gives you another advantage, as more and more customers are asking for that. If they want you to do all the work, even better! You have less work, can achieve things very easily and can still charge the customer.

This was just a glimpse of the whole thing...there are some downsides also. One would be that you need a MySQL Database on your webspace, second would be that you have to keep updating the software with patches and security updates. Its popularity has made it a target of hackers at times, so if you keep the system not updated for a long time, you might get hacked, just like a Windows computer.

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