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Content Management Systems And Why You Need Ne
By Justin Chelf
It appears that not everyone who has a website knows about Content Management Systems (CMS) and how it can assist them in updating their website. Because my firm designs websites everyday, and each one include a CMS, I thought I would write an article about the basic features and benefits of a content management script.

When used correctly, a CMS can provide a website owner with peace of mind and a simple way to organize, update, and create new content for their site. Not only will a CMS provide you with the ability to manage content, such as articles, word and .pdf documents, and media, like images, audio and video.

How can this help you? Well, since not everyone has been in web development for the last decade, learning the ins and outs of managing a first class website; it can allow you to make small changes and upgrades, soon becoming a website owner’s best friend.

The most common CMS’ are: wordpress, drupal,

joomla, and modx. And although they each have their unique features they are also very similar in function. Once setup properly, you will be able to update your website simply by logging in to a computer. Anyone can do it! In addition to the basic functions listed above, many CMS’ will allow you to install plug-ins to stream video, upload a newsletter, offer a membership login, or add a shopping. Now you can easily update or upgrade your website with the click of the mouse, while retaining the same look and feel.

If you do not currently have a CMS or need help installing or choosing a system Website Mentors can help!
Justin Chelf is the President and CEO of Website Mentors, LLC, a Louisville, Kentucky based website design and internet marketing firm. He can be reached at (502) 498-4737 or


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