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Web Development
By KSM Global Ltd
Professional web design has come a long way from the early days of the internet, from just putting together a few fancy images and text, to state of the art flash animations and highly advanced web applications. There is nothing that you can't do on the internet, from displaying high end corporate presentations to creating innovative e-commerce sites. Web development and web design have come a long way. To create a website is not difficult, but to make it look professional, and feature rich, is quite another thing. Professional web designer's today build websites from scratch and keep on working on them till the customer is satisfied.

The most common error most new comers to the world of website development make, is to confuse web design and web development. Both are interlinked but are completely different entities, and a company that offers web design does not always necessarily offer web development. The two aspects in creating a web site are listed below:

a) Web Design

Web design is related to the actual design of the web site, i.e. The colours, the images, the positioning of various elements like images etc. Web design is a more creative and an artistically influenced aspect of creating a web site. A well designed site does not necessarily mean its a well developed site, in fact this is the reason why most web development and web design companies, build all sites from scratch, there by insuring that design and development

go hand in hand.

b) Web Development

Web development is almost exclusively related to programming of web sites, all successful dynamic sites (sites that have forms etc) and e-commerce sites are programmed or are developed. Web development involves using various programming languages like Java, .Net, Perl, Ruby on Rails etc. There are numerous technologies to choose from when one is having a web site developed. In fact a closer look at sites, and you will notice most sites actually have a footer that says 'designed and developed' by such a such company, thereby acknowledging both aspects of creating a website.

Once the basics difference between design and development is clear the next logical step in getting a web site created is, choosing a web development/ web design company. There are a lot of competent companies out there that can meet your requirements both for web development and web designing, so look around before you settle for any company.

Mark Preston is the author of this article and he is a qualified professional web developer and designerWebsite design. Find more information about Website design here.


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