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Direct Deposit Payroll Software- Green Facts
By L Heather
Employers can save time and money by using direct deposit while benefiting the environment. Direct deposit is also a smart way to reduce paycheck fraud, as related to counterfeit and/or stolen checks, altered amounts and forged signatures. Direct deposit transactions typically have a lower cost than a paper transaction. You can calculate your typical cost savings by using a direct deposit calculator.

The benefits to the environment come in many forms, from the business end to the individual employee. When looking at the environmental benefits we have to take into consideration not only the paper but also the means the employee uses to deposit a paper check.

Each year paper checks use more than 674 million gallons of gas and add 3.6 million tons of CO2 to our air. Annually 100,000 tons of CO2 could be reduced if employees could eliminate trips to the bank to deposit their checks.

One individual employee, paid with a paper check, can save pounds of paper per year, avoid the release of multiple gallons of wastewater into the environment and avoid pounds of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere by switching to direct deposit.This is just one individual employee, the numbers for a business, that employs many people, rise exponentially they can save hundreds of pounds of paper, avoid the release of thousands of gallons

of wastewater into the environment and hundreds of pounds of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere per year.

Based on a 2008 survey by the Consumer Federation of America, 85% of U.S. employees have access to direct deposit. Of those 85% of employees only 66% choose to use direct deposit for their paychecks. If the 19% of employees not using direct deposit would switch they could save 11,082,971 pounds of paper, avoid releasing 105,709,380 gallons of wastewater into the environment, 31,581,675 pounds of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere and save 4,105,889 gallons of gas.

Payroll Mate, comprehensive payroll software, has added direct deposit to its list of features. Direct deposit is made simple with this payroll solution, easily generate an ACH file and send to your bank for processing of employee payments.

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