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Why Search For Joomla Templates, Here Is An Easy Way To Build Your Website Or Blog
By Mario Ford
Many newbies are looking to build their first website or blog. Unfortunaly, many will face a small learning curve when building their first website. Html, JavaScript, how to upload a page and the list goes on. Unless you have a web programming background you have trouble learning the ins and outs

Id like to offer you a new way to build a quality website free of charge. Enter Blink web!! Blink Web is a website that allows you to build your own website. The great thing about blink web is that it is built on AJAX Script. What does this mean to you...? It simply means you can build a website by drag and drop. No html knowledge needed. And unlike other free web hosting, Blink Web will not place any banners or advertisement on your website. Here are some more advantages:

No Html Needed
No html or software needed the application is web based. You can simple drag and drop all your website features. Blink Web will also allow you to place adsense, widgets and html script if necessary.

Blink Web will also provide training videos to get you started.

Easy web publishing
With one click you can publish and get a subdomain at no charge. Blink web will also allow you to purchase your own domain for $1. Where on the web can you get a domain for a buck? This a huge plus

Seo Friendly
SEO has become a very popular term over the past 5 years... A SEO friendly webpage is necessary for drawing traffic to your website or blog. Blink web has plenty of tools for use of onpage optimization for your website. Blink web will allow you to place Google analytics codes, sitemaps and more.
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