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Joomla! Video Tutorial, A Great Tool For Web Designers
By Thomas H. Lindblom
Joomla!, the new Content Management System that is making headlines in the IT world, is a boom to professional as well as amateur web designers everywhere. Joomla templates make it easy to design or re-design a dynamic website, literally at a click of a button. The web designer has total control over the appearance, maintenance and management of the website even with little or no knowledge of the code. And all this for free! Joomla lets you add new pages, add or edit pictures, video, menus, audio, and texts to your website easily and instantly. For newcomers to the world of web designing, Joomla video tutorial gives you first-hand, step-by-step, pictorial and verbal instructions on how to create and use joomla templates.

How Joomla! video tutorials work

There are plenty of sites offering basic as well as in-depth joomla tutorials for all website designers. Almost every joomla tutorial covers the essentials of joomla and its application in web designing. You can choose from a wide selection of pre-made joomla templates available free-of-charge on the Internet. Additionally, a Joomla template tutorial can help web designers create unique, custom-made templates to suit their individual requirements and preferences. However this could sometimes involve wasting precious hours reading through pages and pages of text and graphics, which may be difficult for a new user to comprehend.

A comprehensive joomla video tutorial, on the other hand takes the guesswork out of web designing. It gives viewers a step-by-step practical demonstration in almost all aspects of downloading joomla and installing it on to your computer, as well as how to create custom-made joomla templates. You get to see the real-world application of how to use joomla to design your website and run your website.

What a joomla video tutorial includes

A Joomla video tutorial covers everything a web designer needs to get a unique, custom-designed website up and running in the shortest time possible. Time spent on an easy-to-follow comprehensive joomla video tutorial is time well-spent and will put you ahead of the competition in no time at all.

Included in most joomla video tutorials are:

• How to download and install joomla.
• How a joomla template works.
• How to use templates

with and without content.
• How to create a joomla template.
• How to apply pre-made as well as custom-made joomla templates when designing a new website or re-vamping an existing one.
• How to create layouts utilizing innovative cascading style sheets (CSS).
• How to design a dynamic web-page and its difference from designing a static (X)HTML web page.
• How to style and place modules.
• Techniques and tricks regarding text resizers, rounded corners and variable page widths.

Who should use Joomla video tutorials

Everyone! Joomla can be downloaded free-of-charge and its endless combinations and possibilities mean it can be availed of by anybody for use in various different applications. Checkout a joomla video tutorial from the many available on the Internet to get a first-hand demonstration of all the possible ways you can use this Content Management System.

Joomla video tutorials are a good investment and offer a huge head start to:

• Individuals who design web sites as a profession – it takes but a few minutes to learn how to design high-quality customizable sites to suit your clients’ unique needs and preferences.
• Individuals who own an online business- you can learn to create a website that will leave an indelible impression on every customer that visits your site.
• Individuals who publish content online- you can learn how to customize your powerful content with imaginative graphics and create a website that will make an even more powerful impact on your readers.
Joomla video tutorials are available over the net, most of them completely free. Thomas H. Lindblom is a freelance article writer looking for interesting and unusual topics to write about. Joomla templates function as a basic foundation design within the Joomla Content Management System.


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