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Joomla Website Development India – Why Joomla??
By Rakhi
Collaborative effort for collaborative creation……..

Joomla is the most powerful open source content management system (CMS) used globally because it is user friendly and most flexible CMS. Joomla has provided websites with more interactivity, usability and dynamic reach.

Joomla is licensed under GPL, written in PHP and supports SQL database. Blogs, easy search incorporated in the website, polls, RSS feeds, easy migration of static website to dynamic website, translation of website into another language, adding or extending functionalities using plug-ins and caching of the pages are most interesting features of joomla. These features have made Joomla the widely acceptable off the shelf, modular open source development application.

Numbers of Joomla developers are not only increasing in different parts of the world but in India their ratio has doubled this year compared to 2006, and the numbers of developers are expected to grow in multiples. Joomla can be easily hosted on your personal computer (local host) and developers really enjoy developing Joomla websites with firefox, as firefox reduces the probability of error occurrence.

Also, you have range of templates to choose from to enhance the look and feel of your website, really good to customize your website look and give a personal touch. Changes are reflected dynamically and managing categories and content on your own is very easy, no need to hire additional resources. Joomla CMS saves your money and time, really cost effective!!! You also enjoy the added benefits of different file extensions to make your website SEO friendly and so that forum and discussion boards are easily available for your use.

If you possess a website than you must be aware of the importance of search engines; remember to sell your product or services online the utmost important thing is that your website is search engine friendly and indexed

to appear in SERPs. Joomla is an off the shelf application that helps you develop dynamic website and manage your resources and content. Joomla is very easy, simple to install on your local host PC, you can manage content by adding new content, deleting, or updating the existing one. Content here means a lot, more than mere content it includes computer files, audio-video files, web page content and electronic documents.

Every one of us these days are aware of social book marking and is used for book marking. Emerging Joomla communities are of real benefits as they are source of expanding knowledge base, developers benefit through exchange of information and knowledge, participating in forums, discussion boards. You can create your personal or corporate blog using Joomla CMS. Joomla developers are innovating to improve their skills and manage joomla codes more efficiently. Joomla offers largest consumer base in this corporate customer-centric IT world.

With the release of the latest version of Joomla, developers find better authentication and security of password, this in turn has improved HTTP switchover and security of administrative session.

I would say, Joomla developer in India should look forward, brighter future for Joomla developers.
Rakhi, is a SEO copywriter at Open Source Development company in India that offers open source web design and development services, PHP development India, Joomla website development and offshore open source content management services.


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