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The Economic Stimulus Bill And Ehr Software: Stimulating The Health Industry
By Alice Mills
The economic stimulus bill, passed as the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, included provisions for health industry reform. Most of this funding was included in the "Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act" portion of stimulus bill.

There are eight key areas where funding has been allocated to stimulate the healthcare industry. In particular, there is an emphasis on providing funds for Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. Putting money into this sector of the healthcare industry will allow individual medical practices and the entire medical system to become more organized, streamlined and cost-efficient.

Money for EHR software and other medical advances was included in eight main allocations of the economic stimulus bill:

- $17.2 billion given to those who can prove "meaningful use" of proper EHR software
- $2 billion to jump start IT use, with government oversight.
- $4.7 billion allotted for the National Telecommunications and

Information Administration's "Broadband Technology Opportunities Program."
- $2.5 billion allotted for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Distance Learning, Telemedicine, and Broadband Program."
- $1.5 billion allotted for Health Resources and Services Administration to supplement community health centers.
- $500 million for the Social Security Administration.
- $85 million for the Indian Health Service.
- $50 million for the Veterans Benefits Administration

These funds in the economic stimulus bill are accessible for implementing certified EHR software and are key to getting the healthcare industry to a cost-efficient record management system.
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