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By james.stephen001
Boon in technology progression has gifted us an immense source of information and utilization through a miracle called Internet, and by this option it is now possible for us to search and download innumerable software, program and scripts. This has familiarized many software downloader and search engines. One among them is RapidShare software, which enables worldwide easy share files.

Rapidshare software is a web hoster that enables simple method to download files with just a click of Web hosting result we can put the files online for free of cost. We can make decision that who can be capable of viewing and accessing our file. On uploading the user is provided with a specific URL which can be used by the person with whom the uploader shares it to download the file. The persons who have our URL can download our file and it will be deleted if it has not been used for more than 90 days.

To explain in detail about Rapidshare, it is a effortless and available file storage and distribution system by means of Internet. It has two user forms, one is free with memory and download limits and the other is premium, with lesser limits that is enabled on payment basis. This software is founded in the year 2006 by Bobby Chang to help users in easy and quick file hosting. There are two websites provided by this software and they are rapidshare.com and rapidshare.de for the reference utility of the users. This is available in two language formats that is in English and German. It is one of the world’s largest filehosting sites with millions of files stored on its servers.

Rapidshare provides two computer programs to ease file managing. They are Rapidshare Uploader (that permits lining of upload) and Rapidshare Manager (which has several additional qualities in lining and resuming of ups and downloads in window vista).

Rapidshare Manager Software:
1. Global Mapper (view, edit, merge and convert files).
2. Automatic Defragmentation (pc performance made better)
3. Freeware downloads (downloads top freeware products and programs, tools and applications).
4. RapGet 1.50
5. Xfile Sharing Script 1.1
6. Universal Share Downloader 1.3.4
7. EmEx

File Partitioner 2.0
9. Xfilesharing professional 1.4
10. Rapid Finder 2.5 etc,
All these Rapidshare Manager serves well for the users in finding files on the Websites.

In Rapidshare software it is possible for the users to identify their inner investigators and get amused by playing interesting games, music, movie, etc., through downloading them. There are also list of Rapidshare search engines which assist user to search files in it and they are Rapidfox, Rapidsearch.org, Rapidshare files, search upload Server etc.

There are various free download managers offered by Rapidshare software and they are Raptor, Rapidshare Auto Downloader, Rapid spreader etc.

Rapidshare software also offers plenty of free scripts like Adobe Reader 7.0, AVG Internet Scurity 8.0.198, ImTOO MPEG Encoder Ultimate 5.1.22 Build 0313, Convert TEXT to Your HANDWRITING, Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.1 Premium Diskeeper 2007 11.0 Build 693.2 for Windows 2000 & XP, UltraSurf v94!!, Carabao Language Kit, Games And More Games 1.2, MSN Live Messenger funny games 1.2, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) funny games 1.2 , Windows Service Commander 1.0.600.2008, TCPing 2.1, Powware Instant On for Firefox 1.1 and so on.

You might have got several fine details and guidelines about Rapidshare software and so decide to register for a free user or have an account to achieve best downloads and files sharing both officially and personally.
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