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How To Automatically Bookmark Your Sites Using Social Bookmarking Software
By Andrew Paxton
Social Bookmarking is an essential ingredient of any website promotion and is an important factor in building quality back-links to your sites.

You've probably tried submitting your sites to the Social Bookmarking sites manually. In theory an easy process, but in practice, the number of submissions you need to do to make bookmarking an efficient strategy leaves little time for much else. Not only that it's, well, boring. Mind shattering boring.

This is where Social Bookmarking Software becomes a necessity. As online marketers, it's essential to make the best possible use of our energy and resources. Social Bookmarking Software permits effective, efficient and quick submissions to social bookmarking sites.

Experienced online marketers consistently see good returns from social bookmarking. It's a great way to build up a limitless number of crucial back-links to websites and get top listings in the search engine results for desired keyword phrases.

Submitting websites to social bookmarking sites takes time and effort and that's the whole problem with bookmarking. It's not a set and forget kind of process. It needs to be repeated on a consistent basis to get effective results.

Factor in the number of social bookmarking sites you should be using to make this an efficient strategy, and it soon starts to look like a whole load of effort. Work I just didn't have the time to do consistently.

I even tried outsourcing my bookmarking using a submission service. Initially this worked very well, then mistakes started popping up. Wrong keywords, wrong titles. Plus, at almost $20 per site, it was beginning to get expensive.

A better solution had to exist. Something that would enable me to submit my sites on auto pilot, without any costly monthly fees and allow me to have total control over what was being submitted, where and how.

I knew what I was looking for and had a check-list of features.

Allow the use of multiple accounts
For Social Bookmarking to work, you need a lot of accounts at social bookmarking sites. The best application would allow the use

of multiple accounts.

Create Accounts Easily
Having a lot of accounts at social bookmarking sites is vital. Creating these accounts is the time consuming bit. I needed something to help with all the account setup.

Bookmark on all the major Social Bookmarking Sites
There are literally dozens of social bookmarking sites out there. A lot of these are pretty short term. But the main sites, like Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon and Propeller are established, high traffic and great back-link sources. The Social Bookmarking Software I was searching for had to be able to submit to all the major sites.

Website Spider
My sites usually run to 100's of pages, so collecting all the page urls is a long process. I needed a Social Bookmarking Software that would include a spider, to collect all the urls from my sites and format these for bookmarking.

Rotate Descriptions and Titles
Leaving a minimal footprint is crucial for effective social bookmarking. I wanted a Social Bookmarking Software that could rotate a random selection of descriptions and titles.

It's never too late to incorporate a consistent social bookmaking strategy into your on-line business and social bookmarking software is the best way to automate your website submissions.

Will you get left behind or are you ready to put your social bookmaking into the fast track with efficient social bookmarking software?
Experienced Internet Marketers know that Social Bookmarking is a key element of online success. Learn about Social Bookmarking Software from Andrew Paxton and see the benefits to Your Online Business.


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