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Financial Software
By Ken Charnly
There are a number of financial software’s, which assist you in computing affairs whether it is on daily matters, monthly or annually. There are even financial software’s, which will help you in your tax computing and refund of tax.

Among the most common and the best finance tips are ‘personal financial statement’, ‘ifinance’,

and ‘budget’. These are software’s, which are compatible with windows mostly, though if you search you will find sufficient other software’s, which would be compatible with other types of OS.

Personal Financial Statement: This software helps you to produce simple personal statements. It computes your income and expenses and gives you a professional, accountant-like statement, which will enable you to take stock of your position. This software is powered by excel sheet of Microsoft. It has very professional looking statements generator. These statements are well documented, indexed and presented which can facilitate and impress the toughest and most cynical bank official or lender to grant you your loan. Alternatively, it is a good tool to
keep you informed about your personal financial position at any given point of time.

This software is very convenient as it comes in regular form, which can be updated in parts as per your convenience and need. It also coverts the excel sheet into pdf acrobat which is much more compatible with email as an attachment than any other format.

iFinance: This is another software which is based on simplicity. It is user friendly so the person who uses it does not need to be accountancy literate to produce professional looking, comprehensive financial statements, and reports. With iFinance you can budget, keep track of
your expenses, plan loans, and overall financial activity on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. It can also give you an in-depth analysis of your financial data, which can help you in planning your finances

or in seeking out solutions or loans. iFinance runs on both
operations systems, i.e windows and mac and it has a good automatic interface between the programs which allows you to use either without worry. It also comes in other languages like German and French.

Budget: This is good, user-friendly financial software, which runs on windows. This software can be differentiated from others because it literally works with you in planning your financial requirements and budget. It keeps track of your expenses, of all the over-the-budget
leaks of finance and has a clear and user-friendly statement, which will show the clear picture of your personal financial status at any given time. You do not need any formal training to use this software. Budget will help you not only to keep track of your finances it also uses
advanced tools to work out good investment plans. The best part is that it can compute income tax returns, and keeps track of them so you can always refer to these documents when you need them later.

These are some best finance tips for your stock investments, it can also plan, analyze, and forecast the best stock investment options available, This is like having your own personal financial adviser – free of cost, right in your home whenever you want it.
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