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Free Link Cloaking Software - The Affiliate Marketing Hero
By timrobinson
Looking for the best free Link Cloaking Software? You've Found it!

Like a comic book hero Cloak 'n' Rotate comes to the rescue of the everyday internet marketer. I was a comic book fan when I was a kid and in a way this free link cloaking software reminds me of the hero who was always looking out for the average Joe on the street.

Link cloaking has been the subject of quite a few email questions lately so I thought I would take the time to let you know a bit about it. I want to give you a basic idea of what link cloaking is, why it should be used, and how to use it.

In a nutshell link cloaking is the practice of linking to one site and then sending the traffic to another. You might think that it is the old "bait and switch" tactic and to be honest it is Öyet it is not. Unlike bait and switch link cloaking is not designed to cheat a customer out of their money rather it is designed to protect your money.

Some people think of link cloaking as a black hat SEO tactic and while it can be used to less than honorable reasons it is in actuality a tool that can be used by legitimate affiliate marketers to protect their profit.

There are a few reasons that you might want to use link cloaking on your website.

1.) Protect your profits

An unprotected affiliate link is easy pickings for the commission thief. There are three ways that your affiliate commissions can be stolen.

First there is the "Over writer", sounding more like a comic book villain than a real world thief the Over writer is tech savvy and when he finds a new affiliate with an unprotected site he uploads a script that changes your affiliate link to his when a customer clicks. The Over writer is not your typical commission thief in that it takes some know how to accomplish this type of crime.

Second there we have the Hijacker. This type of commission thief is typically a visitor that you have brought to your site who is an affiliate marketer. Until you brought their attention to the product that you are promoting they were unaware of it and rather than pay full price they simply replace your affiliate id with theirs.

Last but not least we have the "Saleophobe" who does not like to buy anything from anyone and will do what ever it takes to avoid providing you with a commission. These people donít actually steal money from you; they just prevent you from getting it. These people will simply remove everything in the URL after .com thus removing your affiliate id from the equation and thus your commission as well.

2.) Email Marketing

Link cloaking comes into play in email marketing by shortening long links. Most email marketers ensure that their messages are no more than 60 characters wide allowing the message to be condensed

and easier to read. This is great for the reader but not for long affiliate links. In most email programs when a URL is broken into multiple lines only the first line is clickable. This means that your customer is going to have to type the rest of the URL into the browser and since people in general are down right lazy many will not bother.

You could spend your time researching on the internet exactly how to cloak your links by hand but that takes time and unless you are pretty good with code can be very frustrating. Not to worry though as the headline said there is a new free link cloaking software sheriff in town that is the affiliate marketer's hero.

Cloak 'n' Rotate will automate the process and save huge amounts of time and money. Why go through the tedious process of hand coding when you donít have to. Your time is better spent working on your business.

This free software package gives you much more functionality than simply hand coding a 301, bot, or user redirect.

Let Cloak 'n' Rotate save you both time and money by:

* Creating cloaked and encrypted links that stop commission thieves in their tracks
* Seamlessly integrating encrypted redirect pages to hide your affiliate links.
* Rotating up to 20 affiliate product with complete security.
* Organizing all of your affiliate links in one easy to find place.
* Giving you a user friendly control panel where you can track stats, make changes and administer your affiliate links effortlessly.

These are the reasons that I think of Cloak 'n' Rotate as a hero to the affiliate marketer. If you want true safety in link cloaking with the added benefit of encryption, product rotation, super easy installation and user friendly control panel then Cloak 'n' Rotate is what you have been looking for. To top it off you can get it for free!
Lean how exactly you can avoid affiliate theft and protect your links with this amazing new and free Link Cloaking. Get it here now:


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