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Medical Billing Software - Improving Quality Of Medical Care
It is hard for some to conceive that a medical billing software program can actually be responsible for improving quality of medical care, but as small practices run into big demands, software programs have been doing exactly that.

But, you may be thinking, software can't administer a shot, diagnose a patient, or write prescriptions. How does a simple computer program have anything at all to do with giving quality medical care? Quite simply, by freeing you up to focus on the patient, you will be able to give 100 percent of yourself to what matters the most.

What does that mean? The following article will tell you practical ways your medical billing software can improve the quality of medical care in your practice. Maybe you are already using some computer-based program for tracking medical records and billing information, but you may not be getting the most out of it.

After all, who has time for lengthy training sessions when there is a steady influx of patients needing care? Not to worry…good medical billing software is intuitive and requires very little training, so you can instead focus on matters of importance such as…

Scheduling and Tracking Appointments

It does not matter if it is for the month, day, or year, scheduling an appointment can be accomplished in a snap with medical billing software. This gives your staff one less piece of paper or stray computer file to keep track of. Planning your day, week, or even month, also becomes a breeze. Your software acts as a one-stop depository for your daily responsibilities, and it also cuts down on the administrative burdens on your staff.

Reporting That Matters

Scheduling patient recall reminders has never been easier. It can be done for one visit or a series of visits needed for tasks

like calendaring a child's immunization schedule. You can inform patients through multiple avenues as well. Choose custom-designed post cards, or export information to your word processor and send letters. You can also track procedures that have been performed, payments that have been received, and accounts that have been adjusted for any length of time…by day, month, or year.

Electronic Claim Submission and Statements

Your staff won't have to spend as much time on the phone with insurance companies finding out about the status of a claim or if a patient is covered for a certain procedure. All this information is instantly available. Whether it is quick posting of payment or electronic referrals, medical billing software adds value and convenience to the overworked staff member. Also, lengthy procedures for filing claims are gone in a flash with electronic claim submissions. Send individually, or all at once. Either way, you can be assured the insurance companies will have the claim information needed for processing and payment.

Relieve the burdens on your staff. Relieve the burdens on yourself. And as a result, focus on the reasons you entered medicine in the first place.
Harry Selent is passionate about helping single and small practice doctors successfully implement medical billing software in their medical offices. For more information on medical billing software, please visit our website at or call 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666


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