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What To Look For In A Podcasting Software
By Menno Spijkstra
It is quite a rarity to encounter persons who are not yet familiar with the word podcast. Since its birth in 2003, podcasting has reached different heights in the world wide web. Now, podcasting is very popular. With its popularity, there are many tools available for podcasting and one of them is the podcasting software. Podcasting has not only satisfied the discriminating taste of many internet users but it has also brought satisfaction to many online marketers. These online marketers make use of podcasts for marketing. Podcasts can enhance their web sites’ appeal to the target customers and also capture the attention of many internet users.

It's very interesting to make your own podcasts that is why it is necessary that you learn the right steps to podcasting. There are many materials on the internet where you can get the information you will need in learning how to podcast. Like there are training videos on podcasting that you may own and study. Most of these videos are filled with useful information and graphics that will make your learning easier. With the knowledge one can gain from these tutorial videos, you are now ready to choose a podcasting software that you need.

One aspect that you have to consider is the audio recorder included in the software. It must enable you to come up with quality audio that will match your existing operating system. A good audio quality must be paired with a good audio editor. So, make sure that your software is equipped with these features. Furthermore, be aware of the output format. MP3 format is most compatible for audio while MPEG format is most suitable for videos. These output formats are manageable in terms of size and need not be converted or compressed. Creating video podcasts are quite simple but it will be a great time

saver if you gather tips on video podcasting first.

Another added useful feature in a software is its capability in creating RSS feeds. RSS will surely help enhance the distribution of your podcasts to a larger audience. In particular, if you have iTunes feeds you can reach maximum exposure for your podcasts. You may be able to take shortcuts in making video podcasts easily if you own the right software to support you. Creating Podcasts in an hour is made possible with a step-by-step guide on video podcasting. Before finally purchasing a podcasting software, you need to make certain that your software has a file transfer program.

Otherwise, you will not be able to upload your podcast. When your podcasts are ready for publishing, it will be best if you submit them to as many directories as possible. The more visible they are, the more exposure and traffic you get. It's never too late to learn how to do podcasting. Remember that podcasting is an in-thing on the net these days and is projected to stay this way farther. You do not have to be an internet techie to learn podcasting. With the influx of tools available in the market, podcasting has been made easy and accessible to all.
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