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Independent Software Testing Services In India: Are They Feasible Enough?
By Hemal Shrimanker
Offshore software testing and development has undergone a drastic change in recent years. With companies striving for minimum cost input along with good quality testing services for their products and services, the competition is tough. The software testing providers in India make it happen by helping clients avoid infrastructure cost as well as hiring of resources.

Companies outsource their projects to offshore software developing companies and in the process avoid administrative costs. Offshore software testing development in India especially has been mightily successful because of its innovative approach to technology solutions.

Software Testing determines the functioning of custom-made software and is a crucial phase in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Testing removes all the bugs in the functioning of the software.

Offshore software testing makes a complete check and tries to detect any gaps. The providers can sort out potential problems in a cost-effective manner. Organizations do not keep an in-house team to conduct professional tests of the software. Hence the need of an offshore software testing company always creeps in.

Offshore software testing use several different techniques to ensure a bug-free output. The individual modules of programs are tested followed by testing of the whole software. The software testing process involves two different phases:

Alpha Testing: Alpha testing is done from the programmerís side and usually involves the efforts of the complete team. It also involves all software professionals

who work in sync on different aspects of the modules. They examine different ways trying to dig out problems. Solutions are proposed and then the most effective solution is acted upon. The ideas are proactively proposed by the team.

Beta Testing: This type of testing is done by the users who are using the site for the first time. They check the site; it is like that they are proof reading the software. The communication should be good between the tester and developer so that the bugs can be removed properly.

An offshore software testing company should pay a great deal of attention in testing of the software. Adequate attention should be paid to the usability and the utility factor for making the product bug-free.

Most companies insist on both alpha and beta testing. In India, especially there are individual companies with expert teams who specialize in software testing. The best tools are also used for the offshore testing process and that too at less than 50% of the costs that might be incurred in the western world.
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