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Medical Billing Software Helps Small Medical Practices Achieve Maximum Efficiency
The term "small medical practice" is quite deceptive when you see the daily workload. A routine visit to a small medical practice can turn into a two-hour wait if you get there at the wrong time. And it really does not matter what time you arrive. Sure, you may be able to step to the front of the line if you get there before the doors open, but even so, it is guaranteed there will be a line by the time the lock is turned for you and the rest of the patients to come in.

With so few staffers and so many patients, it is no surprise that medical billing errors can occur. If said staff is not getting the most out of their medical billing software, mistakes are not just present but plentiful. If you work in a small medical practice, then you know that streamlining as much of the process as possible can only improve your efficiency. And you probably know medical billing software is a faster and more affordable way to accomplish the tasks that lay ahead.

But do you know your software as well as you should? In order to maximize efficiency, you should have a program that is automated and intuitive, so everyone in your office can operate on the same page, and at the same levels. Here are some great ways medical billing software can help your small medical practice achieve maximum efficiency.

Catch Mistakes Before They Happen

Your medical billing software should be checking claims for missing information, valid procedure and diagnosis codes, as well as payer-specific edits that will improve claims acceptance. In other words, before sending out your claims, the software is the extra set of eyes that not only facilitate entry, but troubleshoot potential issues.

Streamline Claim Submissions

Medical billing software utilizes clearinghouse technology that quickens the claims submission process. Send all your claims to one location at one time. Raise

your claim acceptance by 30%, and cut down payment time by 50%. In addition to this, an automatic report is generated to notify you the provider instantly of accepted and rejected claims.

Postal Problems Be Gone

It is a cumbersome and time-consuming process preparing statements for mail-out. Unfortunately, it is also one that often gets postponed. And when mailing statements gets postponed, that means your office doesn't get paid. But when will your staff have the time and energy to print, fold, and stuff? Harness the power of your medical billing software to outsource these chores, so your career doesn't become one.

Eligibility Questions

Gain instant access to a patient's health plan status. Find out about deductibles and co-payment information. And instead of tracking down eligibility verification on the phone, where you would normally be put through the ringer by automated answering services and out-of-office contacts, your medical billing software does everything for you.

What used to take hours with a high rate of human error can now be accomplished more efficiently in a few short minutes. Put your medical billing software to use, and let your office time belong to your patients, so the rest can belong to you.
Harry Selent is passionate about helping single and small practice doctors successfully implement medical billing software in their medical offices. For more information on medical billing software, please visit our website at or call 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666


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