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Labor Cost Software Finally Offers Workable Solutions
By Giovanni Tabije
Of all the problems that can face a business, calculating and tracking labor costs can be one of the most difficult to do. Sure a business knows when it's losing money but that is far too often after the money has been lost. The real trick for any labor manager has been to nip losses in the bud, to keep labor costs to a minimum.

Sure It Worked Most Of the Time

So managers have over the years relied on any number of “seat of the pants” methodologies. There were job site “informants” that they used to snitch on slackers. All too often though, these trusted sources of information simply used their influence to weed out competent employees that they deemed to be a threat.

Bonuses and Labor Incentives

You could offer bonuses and incentives but in time employees grew to expect them. Also, if they were given out to groups of employees inevitably one or more in the group didn't deserve their share as much as the others.

Just the Facts and Only the Facts

So now along comes labor cost tracking software. So what does it do and how does it do it? In short labor cost tracking software allows a manger

or supervisor the ability to take actual facts and process them quickly.

Information Is Power In The Workplace

For instance, managers can now quickly determine the “average” level of worker productivity. They can do this on either a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Need to know how average any worker is? Simply compare their productivity to the average in simple to pull up and comprehend graphs and charts.

No Paper Work Involved

Labor cost analysis on products and tasks is also a cinch with labor cost software and not only that it can be done on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis. The amazing thing is that all these tasks and so many others can be performed without having to ever touch a pencil, pen or piece of paper!
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